Friday, 11 December 2015

Do you need a texting hat?

Texting Hat

 You learn something every day if you pay attention. ~Ray LeBlond

  1. Do you think it’s rude to check your phonewhen you are with other people? Does thisdepend on who you are talking to, or how many people you are with?

  2. How do you feel and react when you are having a conversation with somebody and they start checking their phone?

  3. Is it more acceptable to interrupt a face-to-face conversation when you get a phone call, or when you get a social media notification? Do you think attitudes to different types ofinterruption are changing?

  4. Do you ever feel that interacting with your phone is more interesting and enjoyable thanbeing in the company of the people around you?

  5. Do you reply to text messages, social media comments and emails as soon as you get them?

  6. Is it wise to check your phone or send text messages at the same time as you are doing something else, e.g. walking along the street, watching TV, listening to music, eating, driving, studying, participating in a meeting etc?

  7. Why do you think mobile phones cause so many arguments between couples?
  8. Have you ever had disagreements or arguments with other people because of the way you use your mobile phone?

  9. In which situations should you not check your phone? Do you ever feel tempted to break mobile phone etiquette?

  10. What do you mainly use your phone for: to send text messages, to check social media, to make calls, to take photos and videos, to record your voice, to consult maps, to send emails etc? How often do you do each of these things?

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Trujillo, "Rural wonder of Spain 2015"

We are  Tourism Vocational Training students. Last Wednesday, we went to the main square of Trujillo. We were supporting and helping the people who organized the event to nominate Trujillo as one of the seven Rural Wonders of Spain 2015. You can vote here

Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas Cards 2015 Contest

Xmas Cards 2015 Contest

Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card Contest


  • Contest submissions accepted from MONDAY, 7th/12, 2015 - FRIDAY 18th/12, 2015.
  • Only card per student is allowed.
  • Designs should be appropriate for Christmas Festivity use.
  • Photo/art submitted must be your own original work/creation.
  • Please, do not forget to write a message with your best wishes.

Monday, 30 November 2015



Good morning, my name is Almudena Acedo and I will be your tour guide.
Trujillo is in the province of Cáceres and it is located in the Trujillo's plain.
The origin of the city dates back to the celtic times, it was called “Turaca” as you probably know. In the prerromanic epoch its name was Turgalium and in the moorish invasion, they changed the name to Taryala.

The most representative monuments are the Conquest Palace, the Duke of San Carlos Palace, Escobar's Palace, Santiago's Church, the statue of Francisco, Pin's Tower, cistern or the water tank and the Castle.
The best monument in my opinion is the castle because it was built as a moorish fortress and one of the most representative element of it, is the horseshoe arch. Later, in the reconquest epoch it became a castle. Here we can find a santuary dedicated to the Patroness of the town. From the castle you have a beautiful view of the town.
The most important conquerors born in Trujillo were Francisco Pizarro and García de Paredes ( Sansón Extremeño) and others... the first of them was very famous because he went to the new world and conquered Peru.
The most significant festivals are “the Cheese Fair” in the month of May and “the Chivirí”that takes place on Easter Sunday.
The typical handicrafts of the region are artistic works using mud as pitchers or wooden buckets.
The typical dishes are “migas”, goat and sheep cheese, roast lamb, stuffed hen as well as pastries like tocinillos de cielo or piñates.

    Written by: Almudena Acedo Báez, 2º Tourism