Thursday, 23 March 2017

St. Patrick's Day around the world

St. Patrick's Day around the world

St Patrick’s Day is now celebrated throughout the world, not just in Ireland, with the largest parade taking place in New York City.


On March 17th, people all over the world will be celebrating St Patrick's Day. I'm not sure Irish people living in Ireland will appreciate their national day being described as an 'American holiday', but apart from that, this video gives a good overview of everybody's favourite green festival. For more St Patrick's Day resources, see below.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Five Historic Female Mathematicians eveyone should know.

Last week, our bilingual students from 2ºESO researched about the lives of 5 remarkable female mathematicians from different ages, in order to commemorate women’s day. The are: Hypatia (350 – 415), Sophie Germain (1776 – 1831), Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852), Sofia Kovalevskaya (1850 – 1891) and Emmy Noether (1882 – 1935). Their contribution to Science continues being used during current days.

II Language Immersion Turgalium-Galisteo Pictures Slideshow

II Language Immersion Turgalium-Galisteo Pictures Slideshow

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Women's Day 2017

The original aim of Women's Day –that is, to achieve full gender equality for all women in the world– has still not been realised. A gender pay gap persists across the globe and women are still not present in equal numbers in business or politics. Women’s education, health and violence towards women is still worse than that of men.

The gender gap is still wide open. So the fight can't be over.
Let's come together to force the world to recognise these inequalities – while also celebrating the achievements of women who have overcome these barriers.

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The future

Can you imagine a future where there’s no need at all to even have an International Women’s Day? Where there is total equality for men and women? Hmmm … something to think about but perhaps in your lifetime this could happen!?
Useful websites:
International Women’s Day:
BBC report:

II Language Immersion IES TURGALIUM - IESO GALISTEO. Day trip to Galisteo.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

II Language Immersion Trujillo-Galisteo

II Language Immersion Trujillo-Galisteo

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