Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bilingual Immersion: Our Greenhouse and our Science Laboratory

LINGUISTIC IMMERSION IES Turgalium. 26th of may, 2016. 


                                       OUR GREENHOUSE: 

              Here you are our greenhouse or glasshouse that is a structure with walls and roof made of transparent material, such as glass or plastic, in which PLANTS grow with regulated climatic conditions. 
The interior of a greenhouse is exposed to sunlight so it is significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, and it protects its contents in cold weather, (during winter above all).
   We use drip and spray irrigation for watering in general, but sometimes
we use a watering can.

     The plants we have sed in our greenhouse are:

▪ Onions.
▪ Lettices, (different varieties).
▪ Tomatoes.
▪ Cucumbers.
▪ Courgettes.
▪ Aromatic plants like: mint, lemon balm or pennroyal.

Now, in spring, weather is hotter and hotter, so we slighty use the greenhouse because plants can't live with that high temperature.

                                    OUR BIOLOGY LABORATORY:

             There are several types of laboratories according to the different specialities in the various fields of science and engineering. 
A biologist laboratory is a type of natural science one in wich you can study life.

Our equipment includes tools such a :

◦ Microscopes.
◦ Magnifying glasses.
◦ Test tubes.
◦ Pippetes.
◦ Rocks, minerals and fossils collection.
◦ Miniatures like a volcano or cells.

            Laboratory equipment is generally used to either perform an experiment or to take measurements and gather data. In many labs, hazards are present. Laboratory hazards might include poisons, infectious agents or flammable, explosive or radioactive materials for example. Because of this, in laboratories where dangeroues conditions might exist, safety precautions and a safety equipment like: gloves or protective lab coat are important.

                                Blanca Murillo Murillo. Biology Teacher in Bilingual Section.

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