Friday, 24 February 2017

I am a Tour Guide

“I am a Tour Guide”

Good morning, my name is Ainoa  and I will be
your tour  guide.
We are in Trujillo´s Castle. It is situated in the highest part
of the city to defend it.
It was built by the Moors in the Xth century over Roman ruines. The main gate is set in a horseshoe arch and on top of it we can see the Virgin of the Victory, patron saint of Trujillo. The legend says that Trujillo was occupied by the Moors  and the Christians wanted to reconquer it, then a light appeared that blinded the Arabs, so the Christians won the battle.
Juana la Beltraneja stayed here during the fight of the Castilla´s kingdom.
There are two important defensive elements: 2 watchtowers and the battlements. 
Inside the castle, we can see the courtyard where are a fig tree, Roman gravestones, the “albacara” where the cattle was kept. You can also visit the cistern and the subterranean exit.
From the castle you have a beautiful view of the town… Enjoy it !!!

Written by Ainoa Moreno, 2º Tourism Student and addapted by Verónica Moreno, Tourism Teacher.

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