Thursday, 18 May 2017

Collaborative Story Writing - the whole class participated

Collaborative Story Writing - the whole class participated

The activity meant lots of fun and got the students' creative juices flowing. Here is the result.

The Atypical Russian Mystery of Mr. Pope's Baby

a story by all the students of the 4th year of CSE

Once upon a time.....

A man who lived in Russia drank vodka very often and who was bald is the protagonist of our atypical Russian story. 

While he was playing counterstrike at home, he discovered the rotten body of Mr. Pope, an old friend of him. Our man visited the Red Square in Moscow that evening and there, he said to everybody that he had found the body of his poor friend Mr. Pope.

So, he traveled to Paris after Moscow to look for Mr. Pope beloved girlfriend, but he almost died there because there was a terrorist attack in which he survived. He went there to tell Mr. Pope's girlfreind that he had died. His girlfriend cried a lot because she thought she wouldn't see him again and because she was pregnant and poor. 

In this moment our main character knew that the spirit of Mr. Pope was that of an old black man. Suddenly, Mr. Pope's body was reborn. Mr. Pope, as he woke up, went to the main square to eat an ice cream. After he ate the ice cream, he went to say to his girlfriend that he's alive again but reborn in the body of an old black man. But his girlfriend didn't believe him and she killed him. And while he was being killed with an opal knife he whispered "how aesthetic".

After two months, Mr. Pope's girlfriend won the lottery and the baby was born. The name of the baby was Harambe. When she won the lottery she thought that she wanted to live in America. 

Suddenly, a spirit inside the baby possessed by Austin, a friend of both Mr. Pope and our protagonist, left the baby's body. Before leaving the body, he had revived Mr. Pope and himself. Finally, our protagonist woke up in a hospital bed in the middle of the third world war and discovered Marina, a friend of Mr. Pope's girlfriend, and Austin are now ruling the world together.

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